White brings us creative dots
Neat, inclusive and diverse are the images we convey

Circles and squares are the smallest unit of reality and digital "point", and through these subtle messages are constantly passed back and forth, we assemble, communicate. 
And translate in the process, bringing together the sum of the information to realize the creativity.


Logo Motion Graphic
logo intro
word logo intro
loop motion
Visual Identity
Branding Video

Client | LUMA iDEA
Creative Agency | AGE Creative Ltd.

Branding Design

Art Director / Graphic Design | Xue0
2D Motion Graphic | Aqual

Branding Video

Director | Parker Shen
Storyboard | Parker Shen
3D Animator | Aqual / Clyde  / River Lin
Compositing | Aqual / River Lin​​​​​​​
Music Design | Hsu Chia Wei

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