We create AGE.
AGE is a new type of creative agency, bringing together talented individuals to merge creativity, visual expression, and shared ideals. 

We deliver the diverse faces of different generations to the public, prioritizing needs while harnessing the power of creators, thereby adding further value to the works and transcending “AGE”

AGE 是一間新型態的創意公司,我們聚集優秀獨立的人才,彙整創意、創造視覺、凝聚理念,將不同世代呈現的面貌交付到大眾面前,重視需求的同時,也兼顧發揮創作者的能量,為作品提供進一步的價值,藉此跨越“世代”​​​​​​​
"Accountability, Gratitude, Empathy"
We take responsibility for our work, appreciate every opportunity, and strive to understand others' perspectives. Our culture is built on these principles, fostering excellence, appreciation, and collaboration in all that we do.

"We Nailed it! We Outstanding! We Celebrate!"​​​​​​​
We not only aim for flawless execution but also strive for excellence in every aspect. We boast creativity and talent and joyfully celebrate successes together. At AGE, these values are ingrained in our work culture, driving us to consistently produce astonishing and exhilarating creations.

Creative Direction & Art Direction 
Design & Design System
Branding Design
Animation & VFX​​​​​​​
Full Service Production 
Featured by Behance over thirty times, Selected for and awarded in nearly twenty international film festivals.

Pakrer Shen, Xue Lin Lu, Smug Xie, KF Cho, Ray Wu, Xite, Yen Ke, James Wang, Vincent Hunag, Li Feng Zheng, KuoJin, Reh, River Lin, LOiSup, Genki Wu, Jane Lin, Joshua Huang, Ian Huang, Yuson, Kabi Vong, Cheng Hao Wu, Poka Huang, Diwi, Gary Huang, Chaing Yu, Cyan Wang, Jay, Timmy Hsu, Gary Lin, Remis, S1ck, Eason Wang, Weiting, Juice Chen, Antony Liu, Felix Onorato, 1000 Cheng, Doraiolg, LUMA iDEA, Timothy Motion, Hi-Organic, Rolling Time Studio, Backyard Studio, Neutron Studio
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