The Eye of ROG Faith embodies leadership and vanguard. Within the ROG universe, this belief is in a perpetual state of evolution and rebirth. It serves as the emblem of avant-garde leadership, transitioning from a purely mechanical form into a new kind of life entity. Symbolizing an inexhaustible vitality and boundless imagination for the future.


Main Concept
In the realm of cyberpunk, several works always stand out as classics and are widely known, such as "Gunm" (Battle Angel Alita), "Ghost in the Shell," "Blade Runner," and others.

The core reason behind their prominence lies in their ability to delve into the realms of science fiction, humanity, and the human spirit with a more profound and comprehensive exploration. In a future where almost everyone becomes a cyborg, the concepts of the soul and humanity become the true essence of existence. These stories raise fundamental questions about what it means to be human, what constitutes a soul, and whether machines or beliefs can also possess a soul.

Building upon this foundation, many classics intertwine the structures of machinery and humanity to blur the lines between the two. This approach allows them to focus more on the central questions and philosophical debates, engaging the viewers at a deeper level.

在cyberpunk眾多創作中,總是會有幾部作品成為經典,廣為人知。 如銃夢、攻殼機動隊、銀翼殺手等等.. 其核心原因為故事會對科幻與人性和靈魂做更真實與宏觀的探討, 在未來人人成為cyborg的世界中,靈魂與人性才會是真實的存在, 何謂人與何謂靈魂,或者是機械或者信仰是否也具備靈魂成為一個 深層的概念與提問。 在這個基礎下許多經典會將機械與人的構造做結合,目的是模糊兩者 的區別,更能夠將觀者目光放在更核心的提問與思辯上面。

ArtDirector|Parker Shen

Logo Concept Artist|Xite
Scene Designer|SmugXie
Compositing|Parker Shen / SmugXie

Graphics Designer|Xue0
Compositing&3D Aritst|Parker Shen

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