Based on the interactive feature of 360-degree surround video, the protagonist sacrifices the godhead, desperately falling to the world and hell for love, and thinks that sacrifice of love is the thinking point, extending the opposite image.

 Using the characteristics of 360- degree surrounding images to express mutual understanding points of view, giving viewers an opportunity to interact, if viewers are willing to interact with images, they will be able to see more images and meanings. Knowing the relationship and experience of love, the viewer chooses different modes, and different behaviors equivalent to love, understands each other, or falls into love wildly.

Charactor Design

The leather jackets with rock elements and military uniforms symbolizing majesty are used as the modeling foundation, and gold ornaments are used to combine various religious images to enhance the richness and mythology of the overall modeling. The mask is mainly designed based on the Gabala bowl, a ritual tool of Tibetan Buddhism. It is a symbol of giving up attachment and gaining liberation, just like the protagonist has fallen from heaven to hell. Skeletons are usually an inauspicious symbol in traditional society, but in Esoteric Buddhism they are regarded as noble and sacred. Just like the core concept of MV, different perspectives will cause different interpretations and results.


The main styling design extends the shape of the Casablanca flower. The flower language is unswerving love and unforgettable love, which echoes the protagonist's pursuit of love and falling from heaven to hell. And with a lot of chains to emphasize the bondage of secular values ​​to love, she does not have the godhead like the protagonist, but the restricted people in the secular, she does not want to be changed and liberated. Therefore, it also combines the joint structure possessed by similar dolls, strengthening her appearance as a god, but it is only the appearance.

Scene Design & StyleFrame

Heaven is composed of a ring structure surrounded by gods and a semi-transparent close to nothingness, symbolizing the ideal love of universal value, and is monitored and controlled by a group of gods. The shape of the god is tall and slender, and there is another head on the forehead, which expresses the nobility and long-term vision of the god. 

And there is an angel's egg in the center of the square, matched with the image of a fetus in the lyrics. The protagonist is reborn as a human image in this scene. He is eager to pursue the love he wants but is controlled by heaven.


Heaven is composed of a ring structure surrounded by gods and a translucent close to nothingness, symbolizing the ideal love for universal values, and is monitored and controlled by a crowd of gods. The shape of the god is tall and slender, and there is another head on the forehead, which expresses the nobility and long-term vision of the god. 

There is an angel's egg in the center of the square, which matches the image of the fetus in the lyrics. The protagonist is reborn as a human in this scene. He desires to pursue the love he wants, but is controlled by heaven.



The human world is in an undeveloped area close to the Middle Ages, surrounded by many mountains. Although there is no city, there are many tall towers and statues, giving up the possibility of life, only showing the appearance of greed. The sun in this area no longer rises from the east to the west, and the protagonist falls into the world to cause dissatisfaction with the gods. Time is infinitely accelerated, and the axis of the earth is changed, turning into an endless rotation in the sky. 

The entrance to the region is composed of a sperm-like appearance and the shape of female reproductive organs, symbolizing the most primitive desire. Every step the protagonist approaches the region, the anger of the gods transforms into the collapse of time and accelerates infinitely.

Easter Eggs : Hybrid Theory & Chester Bennington


小彩蛋 : 混沌理論 & 聯合公園主唱


The region is mainly divided into three stages. The part closest to the human world also has a few human architectural structures. There are many greedy people in the building falling into lust. 

The middle section is a twisted Tibetan Buddhist instrument, the Gabala bowl, The composition of famous paintings of the 15th and 16th centuries. His famous painting is The Fall of the damned, which is about being thrown into hell by the archangel and angels, and the other painting is The Damned Being Cast into Hell, which is similar to the concept of falling to hell in the plot. 

With the passage as the core, many demonized gods and demonized circular buildings have been added, which symbolizes that heaven and hell may only be different in value, and there is no right or wrong, only choice, in order to echo the core concept.

地域主要分為三大階段,最靠近人間的部分還有些許人間的建築構造,建築內有許多貪婪的人們,墜落於情慾之中,中間段以扭曲的藏傳佛教的法器嘎巴拉碗、15、16世紀的名畫構成。其名畫為The Fall of the damned,其內容為被天使長和眾天使們扔進地獄,而另一幅畫為The Damned Being Cast into Hell,內容也近似於劇情中墜落地獄的概念。以通道為核心增加許多近似於魔化的神明和魔化的環形建築,象徵著天堂與地獄或許僅是價值觀的不同,並沒有對與錯,僅有選擇,以此呼應核心概念。
 Still Perspective Version
A Forbidden Paradise x AGE Creative 

Directed by
Parker Shen 

Produced by
Xue 0 

Animation Direction
Yen Ke 

Character Animation 
Yen Ke、Watermother、LOiSUP 
Character Concept Artist 
ØZI Character Designer 
Female Character Designer 
River Lin 
Scene Designer 
Yen Ke、Parker Shen、Roll+、Watermother、River Lin
Scene Animation 
Parker Shen、Roll+、Yen Ke 

Compisting / Editing 
Parker Shen 
Graphics Designer 
Xue 0

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