The core concept revolves around the characteristics of the keyboard, light, thin and octagonal keycaps. With spiders and spider webs as the core visual elements, the spiders also use the eight feet to write the action fast as the cut point, and use them as the characters that interact with the keyboard. And the visual imagery of thin spider webs and octagons is applied to the whole film.
Octagonal Keycaps(shape) +  Spider Cave​​​​​​​

The spider design is presented in three characteristics, thin feet, mechanical sense, and octagonal design. The thin feet are used to express the image of speed and lightness, and the mechanical sense presents the texture of the keyboard and strengthens the design sense of the spider. And based on the spider base of the black widow species, the visual recognition is enhanced and the octagon is designed on the abdomen of the spider.

Client : MSI
Creative / Production : AGE Creative
Director : Parker Shen
Project Manager : Xue0

3D Motion Designer : Yen Ke / Parker Shen
Lighting : Yen Ke / Parker Shen
StoryBoard : Parker Shen
Spider Design : Kabi Vong
Keyborad Model oragnize : Ian Huang
2D Graphic Design : Xue0
VFX : Parker Shen / Yen Ke

Compositing : Parker Shen
Sound Design : Hsu Chia Wei

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