XIX Endtrocity

In today's society, there are different stories under the seemingly same body. The turntable on the face shows that different things will be faced with different appearances. Like this album, it is a little bit rampant in melancholy, and a little bit in the storm. Tranquility brings you all kinds of stories and changes in sound. The content also continues to disassemble the structure. Each component corresponds to the lyrics to express various emotions, like the structure of a person. Each part has its own personality.

現今社會中看似同樣的軀殼下有著不同的故事,臉上的轉盤表現出面對不同事情會以不同樣貌去面對,像這張專輯一樣,憂鬱中又帶點猖狂 ,暴風中帶些寧靜,帶給大家各種面向的故事及聲音上的變化,內容也延續架構拆解各個部件對應著歌詞去表現各種情緒,像是人的構造一般,每個部位都有自己的個性。
Album Design
CG Concept Art
Creative Agency|AGE Creative
Art Director |Xue0 / Parker Shen
Graphic Designer |Xue0
Concept Artist|Xite
Color Grading / CG Mock up |Parker Shen

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