Meaning Of Boundaries

Artist : Parker Shen

何謂人? 自我認知、記憶、靈魂或者是意識,都無法定義出人的界線,

What is human? Self-cognition, memory, soul, or consciousness cannot define the boundaries of human beings.
Both human and non-human (machine) are texts encoded by information. 
After time, it is more proof that people are no longer a special existence.

Humans, animals, and machines have more commonalities. What is human, there are many problems in this problem.
We should rethink the meaning of the boundary and re-establish the connection between all things.



Using lines, geometry, and textures as the basis for character design, it shows that the art I create is the same as all viewers. It is a form of data itself that hopes that people will blur the boundaries of any material or kind. We are not unique. We should maintain empathy and love to see this world.


Although we are all the same data, I think life has its meaning. 
The moment that life shows empathy and love is exactly the motivation that all species need to pursue.


Cinema 4D + Octane Render + After Effect


Black Out Exhibition
BLACK OUT is a sci-fi project curated by fashion designer Allen Ko and filmmaker Steve Lin (IMAGINE31 STUDIO) Also collaborate with 3D artists Parker Shen and Hsiu Wei Wu.

BLACK OUT’s story background is set in 2048 in Taipei ,inspired by the boundaries and contradictions between human beings and replicants.
The project attempts to connect different ideas through fashion design and multimedia images, and let the viewer to imagine whether life has other opportunities


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