In the foreseeable future, the failure of space colonization has proved the hypothesis that the universe is empty with no life beyond human beings to be true. Resource depletion and devastating plagues and wars hence occurred on earth, and to escape reality, the last humans fled into the virtual universe. 

A group of people with advanced technology and vision found the portal to cyberspace by chance. In the realm between reality and virtuality, they discovered Bug, a mysterious organism that enables the virtual universe to cross dimensions, travel through time and space, and even connect the past to the future. Bug also activated certain parts of these people’s genes, allowing them to change appearance and travel between the real and virtual world. Their souls were upgraded, and they were given new abilities and thinking. This group of future evolvers came together and formed an organization called BITMEN… 

To complete the evolution of human, continue to expand the boundaries of the virtual universe, and establish a new order, the original BITMEN travel to the present time through the EVOWARE (α). The purpose of their arrival seems to be selecting people who are qualified. They are gathered here, for some kind of evolutionary ritual...

Branding Design
EVOWARE (α)  Mint Pass

No one knows where these mysterious Bitmen came from. All we know is they have a carrier called EVOWARE (α) and can travel in the virtual universe. The purpose of their arrival seems to be selecting qualified people who are gathered here for some kind of evolutionary ritual...

Travel between the real and virtual world. Their souls were upgraded as new abilities and thinking were given. "Though mankind has undergone several evolutionary leaps, this time we ascended to a whole new dimension.”
Avatar Reveal Film
Introduction of the Avatars
They belong to an ultra-ancient civilization. The prophets shall wake from sleep whenever humanity is in crisis. They are able to see through the timelines of our dimension and connect the past with the future. They foresaw BITMEN’s discovery of Bug with their vision. Although they can anticipate reality, they are unable to predict the future of any virtual universe.
A group of insightful rebels who fought against the authorities in order to rebuild the world. They’ve been looking for volunteers with unique talents to work together and change the Cyborg Apocalypse. As the former organization of BITMEN, they hope to bring new order to the virtual universe.
Ether Academy is the most powerful organization in education. It is considered the cradle of scientists, artists and inventors. Following the discovery of Bug by BITMEN, Ether Academy invested heavily in the project and successfully developed the transformation device, EVOWARE (α).
The wealthy and mysterious clan lives in an underground fortress. They have been trying to wield power over the economic system for thousands of years. The occurrence of Cyborg Apocalypse forced them to give up the plan. They invested in the experiment of transformation after learning about BITMEN’s significant discovery.
A group of well-trained mercenaries who were dissolved after the abandonment of space colonization. Besides their keen observation and high adaptability to changing conditions, they usually carry high-tech scanning devices with them. They responded to the call of BITMEN eventually.
TEAM Avatar
Avatar Reveal Animation
Avatar PFP x 501
BITMEN is founded by 501 meta-humans. The meta-human’s DNA was altered and transmitted as signals to the main universe. They were given new avatars and super powers, some even inherited the power of first-generation BITMEN.

Concept Film & Avatar
Art Director :Parker Shen
Project Manager : Xue0

Concept Artist : Xite
CG Artist : Smug Xie , Xite ,Parker Shen
Creative Concept : Cyan
Avatar Design : Xite ,Parker Shen
Mint Pass Design : Smug Xie
Avatar Teaser : Xite ,Parker Shen
Mint Pass Teaser : Smug Xie , Parker Shen
Opening Film :Smug Xie , Parker Shen
Website Banner Animation : Smug Xie
Compositing : Parker Shen
Music : Yan Sheng Wen

Branding Design
Visual Director : Xue0
Graphics Designer :Xue0
Web Designer : Cyan
2D motion Designer :Li feng

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