Sunset Rollercoaster - Overlove


The background setting takes a "machine" with emotional thinking ability as the protagonist. The "machine" lost in space, after seeing and understanding various forms of human love, finds his own love story."OVERLOVE" has a feeling of transcending or transcending the framework of love, transcending, transcending and even overflowing excess love, until the real breakthrough love, which extends this generation's discussion of the openness and acceptance of sexuality and self-identity. 
And through the core concept to extend the thinking of visual presentation, and the vision must also be related to the tonality of the music. The feeling of the song gives us a kind of futuristic picture in the 1980s and a feeling of fantasy fairy tales. Therefore, we Set the visual tune in the fantasy and realistic story of finding love in space, using the "machine" to explore and find love, as a new form of sexual orientation and self-identification.


Moodboard Ver.1
Character Design (version1)
Character Design (version2)
The Art of Love
Heterosexual  異性戀
Lesbian 女同性戀
Bisexual 雙性戀
【Asexual 無性戀
【Polyamory 多邊戀】
Demisexual 半性戀】
【Transgender 跨性戀
Gay 男同性戀】
Human x Plant Love 人與植物戀
Human x Animal Love 人與動物戀】
Human x Object Love 人與物品戀】
Human x Robot Love 人與機器人戀】
Human x AI Love 人與人工智慧戀】
Scene 1|Space

The story opens with a big picture of the universe. This is a fantasy love-seeking story that takes place in the universe. It slowly moves towards the camera with a "space museum" device that looks like a pair of hands.

Scene 2| heterosexuality

After the camera entered the Space Museum, the first scene I saw was a metal art installation translated from a number of classic love paintings and sculptures, and slowly brought into the atmosphere of the song with lights.

Scene 3|Lesbian/GAY/Bisexual

At the stage where human voices come in, the picture enters a darkened collection room with mechanical art installations of "homosexuality" and "transsexuality." It is also the sexual orientation and self-identification that most people have gradually understood in recent years. Lesbians use flowers as flowers. The embracing woman is used as an element design; while gay men use guitar elements and arrange them upside down to implicitly express the enthusiasm of gay men. And transsexuality is a device for two characters to switch between each other, which symbolizes that bisexuals have two possibilities for sexual orientation.

Scene 4|Multilateral love / Semisexual / Transsexual / Asexual

The atmosphere of the song came to a more floating spatial sense of tone, so the protagonist stepped on a floating device and moved lightly in a space full of glass covers and curved shapes. In this space, the possibility of sexual orientation and self-identification that are rarely seen in modern society appears, and the shape is more abnormal and special. There are many heads of "poly love", "asexual love" that wraps itself in the self, "Transgender love" with misplaced body structure and self-identity, and "half love" with half-winged self-seeking.


Scene 5|Human-AI / zoosexuality / Human-Plant / Sexual fetishism / Human-Robot

In a purely melody phrase, the camera no longer focuses on the character, and begins to lead the viewer to watch the love between humans and non-humans, such as mechanical devices such as humans and machines, humans and creatures, and humans and plants. After the phrase is over, the camera returns to the character, slowly alleviating the gravitational suspension into space.



There are a lot of metallic space junk in outer space, and the protagonist loves the strange-shaped radio in it, embracing each other in space. And under the blessing and watching of various mechanical devices, it has become one of the collections recognized by the Space Museum.

Behind the scenes


AGE creative  x  Sunset Music

Director : Parker Shen 
Producer : Xue0 
Lead 3D Artist : Yuson & Chia Jui Wu 

Character Concept Artist : Xite 
Character Designer : River Lin 
Radio Modeling : LOSiUP 

Compositing : Parker Shen 
Graphic Designer : Xue0 


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