"The ultimate result may be liberation, or it may be a simple collapse" The worldview of imbalance between gravity and time presents the protagonist’s inner struggle with the pros and cons of the past. The plot part tells that the protagonist is lost in the inner world and stagnates in the circuitous space. But with constant attempts and challenges, he finally faces the other side of himself and reveals One after another scars. In the end, the pain caused by the conflict process caused the entire inner world to collapse. But "the ultimate result may be liberation, or it may be a simple collapse." At the end, there is a suspense that allows viewers to reflect on themselves in addition to visual experience.

Set as two aspects of the heart, the asymmetry of the clothing shows the protagonist's uneasy emotions on both sides, and uses down clothing to imply the coldness in the heart, facing the past in the heart alone in the cold world. Finally, the whole is presented in a mechanical structure, to echo the fact that the past in the heart is more cold and merciless than the real physical body, which is cruel and merciless.
Negative Howard​​​​​​​
Positive Howard
The Lost

迷失者身上所披的就是聖經紋樣的披風,頭帶銀色荊棘王冠,呈現Howard受宗教的影響, 聖經的外衣就是Howard蜕變的蛹, 受到主的帶領破繭而出, 最終擺脫徘徊直面自己

The man who was lost wore a biblical cloak with a silver crown of thorns on his head, showing howard was influenced by religion. The bible’s coat was Howard’s transformed pupa, which broke out of the cocoon by the impact of the Lord, and finally turned into a wandering face to face himself.

通過多個場景的轉換,呈現心境狀態的變化,而主角心理極不穩定,所以場景設定為重力失衡, 沒有絕對的上下。​​​​​​​在專案中貫穿整體的元素, 分別是代表歌手李浩瑋的 logo, 憂鬱而且偏向遺跡的格調,基督教信仰元素, 還有重力和時間失衡的世界觀。

Through the conversion of multiple scenes, the state of mind changes, and the protagonist's psychology is extremely unstable, so the scene is set as gravity imbalance, there is no absolute up and down. ​​​​​​​The elements throughout the project are the logo representing singer Howard Lee, the melancholic and relic-oriented style, elements of Christian faith, and the imbalanced world view of gravity and time.

一開始帶到主角象徵圖騰 構成的建築和代表主角的象徵物-鑽石, 代表正要進入主角的內心世界。第一卡場景的構成部分是以演唱者的圖騰作為素構成, 使用演唱者象徵的圖騰加強主角和mv的連結。 整體色調也偏陰暗而且光線也偏冷呈現主角內心負面狀態。

At the beginning, I brought to the protagonist's symbolic totem. The building and the symbol of the protagonist-diamonds, represent the protagonist's inner world. The composition part of the first card scene is based on the singer's totem, and the totem symbolized by the singer is used to strengthen the connection between the protagonist and the mv. The overall tone is also dark and the light is also cold, showing the protagonist's inner negative state.

The protagonist runs on the luminous box, and the box stepped on is the ark of the covenant in the Bible.

十字架的 狂亂空間, 除了旁邊由大量的 主角logo構成, 中間的三個十字架分別象徵和耶穌同梯受刑的另外兩人。藉由場景和角色上宗教元素表達主角受到信仰的啟發和影響。

In the frantic space of the cross, except for the large number of protagonist logos beside it, the three crosses in the middle symbolize the other two who were tortured on the same ladder with Jesus. The religious elements in the scenes and characters express that the protagonist is inspired and influenced by faith.

Reverse version

 AGE Creative X On Studio

Production House
AGE creative

Character Concept Artist
Character Designer
LOiSUP / River Lin / Chih Hung Ling
Scene Designer
IX Onorato / Xite
3D Animator
Henry Chan / IX Onorato / Xite
Yen Ke / LOiSUP

Compositing / Producer
Parker Shen
Visual Design

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