Concept Designer / Digital Artist

When he was a student in the Department of Visual Design of Normal University, I was influenced by a large number of graphic design works. At this time, I participated in the Hot Music Club and off-campus music performances, and I was fascinated by the combination of music and video.
For me, digital art hopes to transform daily scenes into more interesting images, and to narrate ordinary stories to be more memorable through different narrative techniques.
He has participated in the graphic and dynamic behind-the-scenes CGI production of many fashion magazines and MVs, including: Greg Han "SOUFFLE" MV production, Amei "ASMR" concert promotional trailer, VOGUE 2020 May issue cover and extended short film creation...etc.

數位影像創作者。 大學時就讀高師大視覺設計學系,從求學時間就受大量的平面設計作品影響,並在此時參與熱音社以及校外的音樂演出,對音樂以及影像的結合耳濡目染。 數位藝術對於我來說是希望能將日常的景象轉化為更加有趣的畫面,透過不同的敘事手法將平凡的故事敘述得更加值得回味。 曾參與許多時尚雜誌以及MV的平面及動態幕後CGI製作,包括:許光漢 “SOUFFLE” MV製作、張惠妹 ”ASMR” 演唱會宣傳預告片、VOGUE 2020 五月號 封面以及延伸短片創作…等。
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